Meet Michael N. Splivalo, Attorney At Law

MichaelMike Splivalo was not always a lawyer. For years he taught history using an engaging, Socratic method, cross-examining students, using questions to see the stories behind events: Why were wars fought and won? Why did certain ideas prevail over others?

The law is not just bullet points in a book, he believed. It's really a story about justice, one that is continuously evolving, that needs constant explaining.

Not Your Average Family Lawyer

Mike Splivalo chose law as a second career because it gave him a chance to take his communications skills to a more intense level, laying out the facts of a case in the most persuasive way. He has amazing courtroom presence, which earned him the attention and respect of judges, juries and opposing attorneys. He does not belong to the usual legal groups — his focus is fixed on achieving client goals.

Most family matters don't go to trial. But your chances of success improve markedly when you choose a lawyer who is prepared to persuade.

Three Steps To Success

Mike approaches every case with a three-step formula:

  • First, set a plan of action. We listen closely to you in order to understand your goals and objectives. Then we craft a strategy to protect your interests.
  • Second, we advocate for you. Our experience and knowledge position you to resolve custody or divorce disputes equitably, through mediation, negotiation or trial.
  • Third, we communicate clearly. We work to ensure that you understand what is happening and why. Effective communication leads to quality results.

Mike's three-step approach has earned him the thanks of scores of families, uncertain about the challenges of divorce, property division, custody issues, child support and other family issues. It's a difficult time for most clients, and Mike guides them through the process, steering clear of hazards and obstacles.

More About Our Attorney

Mike Splivalo has been a practicing attorney since 1986. Since 1993, he has concentrated his practice on family law matters, helping clients through divorce, child custody, visitation, property division and other family-related matters.

Mike's representation is characterized by personable service and open, honest communication. By taking time to understand our clients' needs, he educates them on their options and helps them develop the most appropriate strategy for resolving family conflict. He provides assertive representation in both negotiation and in court.

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