Exploring Alternative Dispute Resolution Options

A special approach of our practice at Michael N. Splivalo, Attorney at Law, is resolving problems without a trial. To many firms, this suggests alternative dispute resolution methodologies such as mediation and arbitration.

Is Negotiation Right For You?

Our firm works effectively in mediation and arbitration settings, as well. But negotiation need not be a long, drawn-out or highly formal process. The strength of our firm is rooted in our powers of persuasion. We have demonstrated special skills in negotiating agreements without all the trappings of mediation and arbitration.

Our approach has resolved difficult disputes in divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, child support and alimony/spousal support.

In our negotiations, we create an atmosphere of candor and trust in which people can speak their minds and meet in the middle, arriving at sound, acceptable agreements. The outcome is efficient, cost-effective and satisfactory to both sides.

Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

This is not an approach for every situation. When the two sides are miles apart in their objectives or are emotionally set against arriving at a resolution, negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement doesn't work. But when there is room for agreement and the will to put the dispute to rest, our method has many advantages over courtroom litigation, arbitration and mediation.

There may be an easier way to resolve your dispute than in court. Call Michael Splivalo in Fresno, California, at 866-425-4971, or write to us using this online form.