Business Asset Division In A Divorce

If you are involved in a high-end divorce, you have two primary considerations. First, you want to retain property that is rightfully yours. Second, it should be important to both sides to minimize exposure to taxation.

One of the most distressing situations is the division of a family business. California is an equitable distribution state, meaning property is divided more thoughtfully than just splitting everything into equal shares. Nevertheless, division of valuable business assets is still a challenging process. Too often, successful businesses are broken up or sold. It is not just the end of an important personal experience; it is the end of revenue, as well.

The key is to work with a lawyer who is persuasive in identifying nonmarital property, who is competent at business valuation and who is creative in fairly offsetting properties of value.

Business Ownership Lawyer Serving Fresno And Madera

Attorney Michael N. Splivalo has satisfactorily managed the property division process for business owners, professionals and such assets as real property, investment portfolios, collectibles, retirement monies and other benefits, including stock options — always alert to avoid undue taxation. We advise you on what properties are better left undivided, and we assist in negotiating who keeps what.

We are also skilled in both protecting assets using legal means and in locating assets that have not been reported.

If you are facing a financially complex divorce, call Fresno business asset division lawyer Michael N. Splivalo for a no-charge initial consultation, or describe your situation to him using this online form.