Property Division: Safeguarding Your Marital Property Rights

Since California is a community property state, marital property is typically divided evenly in the event of divorce. However, determining the proper value of property can be very complicated. At Michael N. Splivalo, Attorney at Law, we protect clients' right to fair and equitable division of marital property and debts. From our office in Fresno, California, we represent clients throughout the Central Valley in Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Kings Counties.

Lawyer Michael N. Splivalo has more than 20 years of family law experience. He will take time to understand your goals and the nature of your marital estate in order to protect your rights and interests.

Protecting Your Right To Fair Marital Property Division

As a community property state, California law requires that all marital property, defined as property that was acquired by either partner after the marriage, must be divided equitably between them. This includes:

  • The marital home
  • Business assets and profits
  • Retirement benefits or pension benefits acquired during the marriage
  • Investment earnings
  • Bank accounts and other financial accounts
  • Marital debts such as credit card debt or loans
  • Physical property

Aside from child custody and visitation, determining fair property division can be one of the most complex and contested issues in marital dissolution. We routinely work with a variety of financial experts, including certified public accountants (CPA's), appraisers, pension evaluators and business evaluators in order to properly value all marital assets.

Pursuing Hidden Assets

We take a thorough approach for each of our clients' cases, but particularly those where hidden assets may be of concern. If necessary, we engage the assistance of forensic accountants and private investigators to ensure all marital assets are accounted for and divided equitably.

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