Military Divorce Representation

Military families experience the usual range of family problems, plus the additional stresses of lengthy separation, frequent moves and deployment in dangerous places. Many service families come apart under this stress and need the help of an experienced military family lawyer. Attorney Michael N. Splivalo has worked with many families based at Naval Station Lemoore near Fresno.

Issues Our Firm Assists With

Military Benefits Attorney Helping Families In Madera And Visalia

Servicemen and women go through divorce in civilian courts, but few civilian family lawyers are up to speed on issues such as military pay and benefits. Mike Splivalo is the exception, a family attorney who understands the complexities of military life.

He also understands the sensitivities of military life. Divorce and divorce-related matters are handled discreetly, to minimize damage to careers. Mike Splivalo helps families through difficult transitions in a spirit of compassion and confidentiality.

Resolving Child Custody ∙ Visitation ∙ Spousal Support Disputes

Our practice is especially adept at resolving issues of interstate and international child custody, which often apply to military families.

Military families bring special issues to divorce proceedings that not every lawyer can solve. To schedule a free initial consultation, call Fresno, California, military divorce lawyer Michael Splivalo at 866-425-4971, or write to our office using this online form.