Is Alimony A Factor In Your Divorce?

There are two main kinds of spousal support, or alimony, in the state of California: temporary and permanent.

Temporary spousal support is what it sounds like — support paid to the spouse in need between separation and completion of the divorce process. The amount to be paid is a rough calculation, usually generated by a computer program.

So-called permanent spousal support is the amount that the divorce decree orders. But it is not usually permanent; in most cases it continues until the spouse in need is better able to support him or herself. The amount to be paid depends on the judge. Judges have discretion to weigh each side's income, the length of the marriage, the ages of the two parties, their employability, their standard of living as a married couple, their educational backgrounds, history of domestic abuse and other factors.

Madera Spousal Support Lawyer

No matter which side of an alimony award you are on, there is good and bad news. The side paying benefits because the amount paid is tax deductible. The side receiving payments must declare them as income.

There is no more valuable asset going into a spousal support determination than a lawyer knowledgeable about the intricacies of California law. Michael N. Splivalo has that knowledge, plus the talents of persuasion to move the decision to your favor.

Michael Splivalo is also adept at modifications to support agreements, as circumstances change and it becomes logical to amend the existing agreement.

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