Interstate Custody And Relocation Cases

People today are mobile, moving from state to state and from nation to nation in search of better financial opportunities. These relocations can cause legal problems as child custody laws from one jurisdiction are expected to apply in another. Most family lawyers are out of their depth negotiating these jurisdictional complexities. Mike Splivalo is one Fresno-area family lawyer who can resolve these disputes.

At the San Joaquin County law firm of Michael N. Splivalo, we have experience helping clients with parental relocation and child custody issues that cross state lines and international boundaries. We have helped scores of families to enforce court orders issued in other areas. We have helped to resolve the basic issue of which court will even hear your case.

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When a custodial parent takes the child to another state, that often impacts the noncustodial child support payments. Child support is usually pegged to the amount of visitation a parent has with the child. If your child moves out of state, you may be asked to pay more child support.

If it is the custodial parent that is moving, it is possible to contest the move to enforce existing visitation rights. Our firm helps protect both parents' visitation rights and the child's best interests.

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These issues become even more vexing when national boundaries are crossed. Matters that are straightforward here, such as how papers are served, take on new dimensions in other countries. The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is not followed by all countries, even those that claim to adhere to these rules.

In multi-state and international cases, Fresno interstate custody lawyer Michael N. Splivalo can help untangle jurisdictional confusions and protect your rights as parent. Call attorney Mike Splivalo at 866-425-4971 or write to him using this online form.