Protecting Your Most Important Relationships

Protecting Your Parental Rights

Determining child custody and visitation schedule can be one of the most difficult things about divorce or parental separation. At Michael N. Splivalo, Attorney at Law, we understand the importance of maintaining parent-child relationship and stability in your child's life. By providing the court with a clear understanding of your merits as a parent, we strive to establish fair custody and visitation schedules that protect parental rights and your child's best interests.

The Child Custody Process

Under California law, all parents must first attempt mediation to resolve child custody disputes. With the help of a neutral mediator, parents develop a child custody and visitation schedule that protects the health, well-being, education and safety of the child. The mediator then makes a recommendation to the court based on the outcomes of the discussion.

Helping You Prepare For Mediation

Our Fresno child custody attorney, Michael N. Splivalo, will help you prepare for mediation by outlining clear objectives regarding your preferences and merits as a parent. This could include creating biographical statements detailing:

  • Your parent-child relationship
  • Your family's current living situation
  • Your plans for establishing a comfortable, safe home for your child

In helping the court visualize your child's life following divorce, we seek to help protect your parental rights as well as the stability of your child's life during this rough time.

Child Relocation

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, many people have found it necessary to move away in order to pursue new job opportunities. This creates unique complications for divorced parents. We can assist you in negotiating a modification of your custody and visitation agreement. Whether you wish to move with your child or prevent a former spouse from moving, we work diligently to protect your parental rights.

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